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Prefer to not see ads while perusing theCHIVE? Then get rid of ’em! As a member, you will have the right to peruse all of the greatness that is theCHIVE without seeing any ads.

Exclusive Newsletters from John

Want an inside look into the genius (or madness) that is John Resig’s brain? Members receive exclusive newsletters from John covering topics from the state of theCHIVE to the things John can’t live without.

BFM Coin

This isn’t just a coin with Bill Murray’s face on it, this is a signal to other Chivers that you’re one of us that not only are you a part of this community – you support it. The coin also gets you free admission and drinks to our Copper Bar at theCHIVE HQ the First Friday of the month. It could even grant you magical powers. Probably not. But maybe.

20% Chivery Discount

We have the softest shirts with the funniest sayings and as a member you get 20% off your Chivery purchases**. You could get a shirt for each day of the week! How else are you supposed to remember to Keep Calm and Chive On all day every day?

**VIP discounts can not be combined with any other coupon code or offer. If you activate a coupon code at checkout, your VIP discount will no longer apply.

All prices in USD.

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