9 deadly sounds of movie “Under Siege” Killer gun (Video)

In the movie “Under Siege”, there is a scene where a killer gun shoots down a good-guy F-18.
Well, this is the REAL thing.
Close In Weapons System (CIWS)
a.k.a. “Sea-Whiz” or “R2D2”
The Navy’s “Phalanx” CIWS Gatling Gun fires at a max rate of 4,500 Rounds per Minute.
That’s 75-rounds in ONE SECOND…the flying drone target is about to have a short-lived “really bad day”.
I cut together 9 video clips from multiple B-rolls from Navy live-fire training.
TURN-UP the BRRRRRRRRRT audio and enjoy. -Rick
Source of Videos: DoD/Navy released CIWS on DVids

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