Ultra LOW Apache pilots skimming lake on India/China border…to avoid radar blip (Video)

Crazy breaking news and footage:
AH-64 Apache pilots flying low over a lake on China/India border (near Ladakh, India).
The two patrolling Apaches make a show of strength after India’s government gives FULL freedom to troops (AH-64s) to defend themselves against Chinese soldiers (and their weapons).
Radar blip/why are they cruising so LOW?
Apaches can’t go “stealth” but the attack helicopters can minimize their detection at the near water-skimming-level.
More importantly, India and obviously China have the atom-splitters (nuclear weapons)…crazy how this news hasn’t even scratched the current news cycle.
Keep an eye on this.
A year ago, while at the National War College, I listened to 6-hrs. of smart minds explain China/Russia as the two countries relate to Military actions…the speakers kept bring up how important India is, as an Allie moving into the future.
(Also, watch Beijing’s need for water as it relates to taking it from countries to the South of China’s border…yep, ya heard it here first) -Rick
Video Source: “Apache Helicopter” on 9Gag.com

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