BIG BALLs = massive EOD explosions (Video)

What is EOD?
Real-life Explosive Ordnance Disposal heroes, is the simple answer to the question.
Yes, they’ve got Big ol’ BALLs.
However, un-like the movies, these experts are also NERDs.
I mean that as a compliment. They do NOT f-ck around taking risks that will get teammates dead.
Blown-sh*t-UP is awesome.
But it’s seriously dangerous.
All specialized EOD/Sapper/Combat Engineer units know and understand the risks.
Like I say,
“It ain’t like the movies”. -Rick
Video Sources DoD release:
Video 1 four different explosions
Video 2 three explosions AWESOME
Video 3 winter
Video 4 huge 24 turrets explosion – Video by TSgt Daniel Gates
Video 5 Marine Breaching
Video 6 AF EOD and TACP entry breaching

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