C-mas spirit goes out-the-door with cellphone cameras (Video)

Source: TikTok made by @taypa422

Video Transcription by r/alexanderhameowlton

(00:00) [A TikTok made by @taypa422. The camerawoman is filming a man tie a Christmas tree to the roof of his car. The ropes go over the roof, through the open car windows on both sides, and up to the roof again, binding the tree to the roof. A sign that reads “Santa’s Workshop” under a Christmas tree logo is visible on a building in the background. Red text over the screen reads “CHRISTMAS TREE FAIL”. The camerawoman/speaker is filming form inside her parked car.]

Speaker: So this guy just tied his tree down through the windows of his car.

(00:12) [The camera pans to a woman leaning on a car to the left of the man tying his tree down, then returns to filming the man tie the tree down.]

Speaker: Kelly’s over there watching. It’s going to be fun to watch him get in in a minute.

(00:20) [The man tries to open his car door, only to find it stopped by the ropes going through the window and around the car roof.]

Speaker: Oh! Oh, uh oh…

Man offscreen: He just figured it out…

Second man: What did I just do…

Speaker: Oh shit…what did I do…

(00:30) [The man tying the tree down stops and looks at the car contemplatively. A man in a red sweater and red baseball cap begins walking toward the camerawoman’s car.]

Speaker: I’m just-I’m just in here taking selfies, don’t mind me.

(00:38) [The man who tried to tie the tree down opens the trunk of his car.]

Speaker: [excitedly] HE’S GONNA GO THROUGH THE TRUNK!

(00:40) [The tree tier adjusts his baseball cap in preparation to climb through his trunk.]

Speaker: He’s gonna climb in through the trunk, he’s not gonna even undo it!

Man offscreen: [laughing] Is there anyone watching?

Speaker: [laughing] Is anyone watching? I don’t fucking give a shit…

(00:51) [The tree tier climbs into his trunk and stays there for a moment on all fours.]

Speaker: Good for you, dude…Own it! Own your mistake!

(00:55) [The tree tier repositions himself so he is on all fours, facing out the back of the trunk.]


[End of Video.]

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