David Cosner needs our help, one last time… (Video)

We met David Cosner four years ago. He suffered from Wegener’s Granulomatosis, a rare illness that causes restricted blood flow to organs. David’s case was incredibly rare, affecting his lungs in particular. When we met David, he had just undergone his 135th surgery. Not only was David struggling to breathe, but his family was also struggling under the financial weight of his hospital bills.

With the help of Chive Charities and Chive Nation, we were able to raise $25,000 to help David purchase a new nebulizer and take care of dozens or future surgeries he might still need. After his 150th surgery he received some amazing news that his disease looked to be in remission.

David was finally able to start enjoying his life again including doing what he enjoyed most in the world, fishing. Little did we all know that David’s 150 surgeries would soon turn into 337 and the disease would relapse into what we all feared. David has been diagnosed as terminal.

David needs our help one last time. You might remember that he is an extremely avid fisherman. He’s remained active in the sport despite his fierce battle with his disease. David’s last wish is to fish the 2018 BASS Central Opens and compete against some of the best anglers in the world.

Currently sitting at $16,000 out of his $21.9k goal, David only needs a bit more help to pay for the entrance and equipment fees to achieve his life long dream of fishing in the BASS Central Opens.

You know what I find amazing? After 11 years of waging an excruciating war against his disease, he was told he was going to die. His response, David wants to compete… one last time. He’s not going quietly. And that’s the spirit of a warrior. We’re proud to call him a Chiver.

David is almost to his goal. You can donate HERE.

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