Definition of “rare”: interview with a Delta Force operator (Video)

If you’re like most guys that like action movies then you’ve heard of Navy SEAL “Team Six” and you’ve also seen flicks/heard interviews from the Navy’s elite fighters BUT it is “rare” to hear an interview from a former Army “Delta” team member (1st SFOD-D).
Basically it’s pretty much impossible to get a story from a member that is currently serving (not that it’s easy to get an interview with a current SEAL/Marine Recon/AF-CCR-Combat Controller).
This is an interview with a veteran Delta Force operator named Tyler Grey. The video will explain everything from joining Delta to real-life firefights during battle and the life-threatening experience that took him away from the tip-of-the-spear.
Our friends at the website We Are The Mighty (WATM) were able to get this interview titled “Why I Fought” by Vickers Tactical.
The following text comes directly from WATM:
With movies like “American Sniper” and “Lone Survivor,” the Navy SEALs are on par with most figures in American pop culture.
Using the non-scientific method of Amazon.com book search reveals that there are way more books associated with the SEAL teams than any other American elite unit, giving filmmakers a rich source of story materials.
With such a huge spotlight on these warriors, the general public is either unaware or often forgets about the 1st SFOD-Delta, also known as Delta Force.
Most will argue that it’s by design, but either way, it’s rare to catch a glimpse of life in “The Unit.”
But, that’s what we get in this interview with Tayler Grey and Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical, both of which served in the same unit during different times.
This video dives into Grey’s motivations to serve, his journey to becoming a member of “The Unit,” and his remarkable story about overcoming adversity.

-Video is 12 minutes long, just to give you a heads-up in case you’re pressed for time.-

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