Gatling “mini-gun” PORN…the male romance novel

Brrrrrt sound of the A-10 Warthog’s killer GAU-8 “Avenger” and other aircraft/helicopters firing Steel RAIN from above.

Enjoy the compilation.


Most of these gun bursts fall into the GAU “mini-gun” category but there are a few Gatling “Cannons”…best example being the AH-1 SuperCobra attack helicopter which is firing 20mm rounds from its M197 3-barreled Gatling “cannon”.

Also, there are a few “non-Gatling” guns in this collection, such as the .50Cal firing from the UH-1Y Huey Venom attack helicopter along with a couple of rockets from the AH-1 SuperCobra.

No “big deal” but some people like to call-out the small details.

Anyways, thanks for checking out the Video…it was a fun one to put together.


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