Grandpa’s golf cart vs 1050-hp ‘Vette (Video)

1050 hp VS 158 hp, this is a perfect example of speed in relation to a vehicle’s power-to-weight ratio.

The Corvette (C6) isn’t some “slow” stock ‘Vette. It’s a Z06 version with a supercharger from “F1X ProCharger” along with other drag racing ad-ons…giving it an out-put of 1050 horsepower.
Its supercharger alone cost around 10-thousand bucks.

And then there’s the Golf Cart competition.
They packed a 1300cc motorcycle engine from the extremely fast Suzuki “Hayabusa GSX1300R”.
The Hayabusa power plant churns out 194 hp…however, on the dyno the golf cart only punched out 158 horsepower.
A GSX1300R engine costs around 4-thousand dollars.

Winner takes home $1,000 AND a Corvette owner’s heart on a stake.

Via ViralHog

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