It’s not Porn…it’s Butter (Video)

This is what happens when a sexy Russian model collides with Redneck creativity.
It shall be named, “The Cob-Quicky”.
A pecker pulling device goes 007 with corn cob camouflage.
For those old enough to get my title’s commercial ref.
“I can’t believe it’s not PORN…it’s Butter”
If your from the 90s, it makes sense…if not, then it doesn’t.
Source: Corn-Butter Video and Follow more funny vids on Instagram @unnecessaryinventions
Source: Sexy Russian-American girl video and check-out more of sexy Victoria on Instagram @victoriaasecretss
And “YES” I am putting a GIF gallery together on Victoria’s sexy BUNs. -Rick
Also, for some laughs:
Check-out more videos by Matty Benedetto, the creator of “Corn-Butter” fake Invention on Instagram @unnecessaryinventions

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