Push-up your eyes this 4th of July (Video)

“Yes, I know that you were expecting some sexy women”.
But I’m really proud of this story. When the AF Spc. Ops. guys at Lackland reached-out to theChive, they needed to raise $3.5-thousand…a few hours later, they had to shut-down the “go-fund me” page because they were worried about tax implications.
They got nervous when Chivers hit the $25-thousand dollar mark in just a few hours.
This story is no Social Media bull-sh*t, I’m hit with dust-in-the-eyes from our community’s heart. You guys created a monument that is within the gates of America’s brave PJ’s based at Lackland. It’s very, very real. Just like when I turned and saw Bill’s 6-year old getting hit by the memory of his lost father.

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