Sexy paint jobs, fleshlight car mods + more clips you need to see (Video)

Body Paint, Mail Thieves and Fleshlights attack in our favorite clips. Grab a beer and let’s watch some internet!

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Car flip fail – Via Jukin Media
Puke during selfie – Via Jukin Media
Yoga fall into river – Via Jukin Media
Grandma raps Jay-Z 99 Problems – User Submitted
Package thief caught in the act – Via ViralHog
Back to the Future body paint – Via Caters Clips
Nurse shark bites woman’s arm – Via ViralHog
Dog dressed like Santa – Via ViralHog
Little girl can’t say wood pecker – User Submitted
Saleswoman yells down beach – Via ViralHog
Bridesmaid dropped during lift – Via Jukin Media
Kid cries after losing puzzle game – Via Jukin Media
Car crashes into scooters – Via ViralHog
Fleshlight exhaust – Via ViralHog
Truck towing tractor doesn’t clear bridge – Via ViralHog
Tornado rips through warehouse – Via ViralHog
Grandma falls off hover board – Via ViralHog

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