Shocker: Your last text isn’t worth sending while driving (Video)

Being that it’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month, we thought this would be the best time to ask some of our Chivers whether or not they’re guilty of Distracted Driving and “bust ‘em” for it. Or at least talk to them about the Text Level Consequences. Even though shame sets in for our Chivers, let’s face it: these days, most of us have driven distracted even though we know we shouldn’t have. So why do it? Let’s hear exactly what distracts people around our office and debate if any of it is worth it. Spoiler alert… it’s not.

While a responsive text or a “found my lighting” selfie might seem like it’s fine to do while you’re behind the wheel, the consequences are way too stacked against you. According to NHTSA, cops are stepping up enforcement for distracted drivers, and believe it or not, a ticket is really just the smallest repercussion. Driving distracted, no matter where you are, can lead to injuries to yourself, someone else, your vehicle, your phone, or even… a puppy dog. No text is worth that kind of weight. Remember: U Drive. U Text. U Pay. So, put the phones (and tacos) down, pick a song already, and take the pledge to drive safely undistracted today so you don’t regret it tomorrow.

Test out yourself by commenting with the last text you sent. Would it be worth it if it was your last?

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