So I got drunk and started writing letters (video)

Chivers, my own custom curated Chive Box launches in November. I’ve been working on it for a month now and it really embodies everything I like (Hint: Fruit Stripe Gum). But more importantly, for everybody was is already or a subscriber, or anybody who signs up today, you will receive a hand written letter from me, 17 of which contain the fabled Green Chive VIP Cards, which get you access to theCHIVE HQ on Fridays for life. Yes, life. Only 5 Chivers currently hold them and a lucky 17 more are about to get them.

theCHIVE Box is usually $100 value for $65 but I can honestly say mine is at least a $150 worth of exclusive Chive gear and clothing created by me just for you. Subscribe right here!

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