The Chivers give Gershon a voice (Video)

Yesterday, we posted the story of Gershon, a vibrant, active and giving 12 year-old who collapsed suddenly last year due to a rare brain abnormality called AVM. A month-long coma, 5 months in the hospital and 7 brain surgeries left him immobile and without a way to communicate, Gershon started his long road to recovery.

When Chive Charities stepped in with the purchase of a wheelchair accessible van, we realized Gershon’s needs went above and beyond mobility assistance. He needed to reclaim his voice, and we knew we could help! In stepped the Chivers to do what only Chive Nation can accomplish. The $10,000 goal for an eye-gaze machine and computer was smashed in a matter of minutes. The current total stands at over $35,000!

KEYE TV in Austin was there from the beginning of the campaign to capture the magical moments.

You can still donate to Gershon on his GoFundMe page HERE.

All the good that Chive Charities brings you would not be possible without the support of the Chive Charities monthly donors. If you haven’t already, become a part of the change the 10%er’s are making and sign up to donate HERE.

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