There’s road rage and then there’s attempted murder… (Video)

“I was driving down from Big Bear and some guy started tailing me after he let me pass. When I pulled over to talk to him peacefully, he shows me a mini bat and I read his lips saying “I’ll f*** you up.” I got his plate number so that I could report him to police. Unfortunately, my phone had no signal. Then he tried running me into oncoming traffic as I tried to pass. Then, he swerved all over the road pushing off the road where I took the dirt to pass because of a pole in the road blocking him from ramming me. He then chases me, but can’t keep up with the turns. The second time I pulled over, I grabbed my flashlight taser and again tell him to pull over. He violently turned his vehicle, charging toward me. I thought he was going to ram my car and in no way did I think he would have to balls to hit me. I got out to protect my car when i realized he wasn’t stopping. I gained speed to try and jump over and my foot got caught on the grill. I bounced off his windshield like Air Jordan and immediately stood up to call the police.”
Via ViralHog

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