Twerkin, twirls, and yoga girls + more clips you need to see (Video)

Yoga pants, implants, and bikini-clad protesters attack in our favorite clips of the month. Grab a beer and let’s watch some internet!
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Dog poops on the wall – Via ViralHog
Cat pukes on girl – User Submitted
Bear poops in front of kids – Via ViralHog
Girl twerks for chimpanzees – Via Jukin Media
Partner yoga ends in fail – Via Jukin Media
Guy fails to kick punching bag game – Via Jukin Media
Scooter powered merry go round – Via Jukin Media
Truck destroys highway sign – Via Jukin Media
Driver distracted by bikinis – Via Jukin Media
Motorized wheelchair does donuts at light – Via ViralHog
Fake chest implants – Via Jukin Media
Lady yells about tiny penis – Via ViralHog
Kid hits girl in the face with bread – Via ViralHog
Guy dances in the drive thru – Via ViralHog

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