Veteran finds out he’ll finally be reunited with his dogs (Video)

“On September 25 last year, Animal Control picked up two dogs — Baily and Blaze — after their owner suffered a massive heart attack. Obviously, they put the pair in a shelter. But the owner wanted his dogs back more than anything. After the heart attack he wasn’t in the best health, so he did what he could, calling shelter officials again and again, to no avail. While the shelter’s safekeeping measures normally last only five days, officials there decided to hold the dogs for 20 days. Then, after receiving news that their owner might not live, they made the decision to sterilize Baily and Blaze and place them up for adoption.

That’s when Melissa Eagle, who worked with Animal Control, stepped in. She learned about the progress of the owner’s health and took it upon herself to care for the dogs at the shelter while he recovered. Her good-natured passion inspired other volunteers, who began donating money to pay the dogs’ adoption fees. Eventually, one volunteer said they’d cover it all.

The staff of FSAC PetSmart called and asked Baily and Blaze’s owner to come down and get the paperwork started to get them back. After doing the paperwork, they returned his deposit. That’s where the video starts.”


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