Mike Tyson's abandoned mansion (29 photos)

a mike tyson abandoned house 23 Mike Tyson's abandoned mansion (29 photos)

Tyson owned this Ohio mansion in the late 1990’s and it’s currently possessed by the Feds. Paul Monea, a career con-artist and Tae-Bo infomercial huckster, bought the mansion from Tyson for $1.3 million, but the Feds seized the property after finding Monea guilty of selling the house and a 40 carat diamond right to an undercover FBI agent, posing as a drug dealer. Monea purchased the place in 1999 and the house has sat unoccupied since Tyson moved out.

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  • pk

    Who's been watering the plants for 9 years!!

    • Cinnah

      Exactly what I thought. Not sure if plants real….. or just fancy fakes.

  • CT

    I thought 50 cent owned that house these days? I thought i saw a Cribs on MTV that had Fiddy in der? Anyhow sick house.. some cheese .. but that indoor pool looks nice..

  • Carlos MV

    the world is nuts

  • PrettyThingsBlog

    That is sad on sooo many levels. And why in the world didn’t the drain that pool so it wouldn’t turn green and breed who knows what?

  • Amanda

    There’s only one word that comes to mind here: grandiose.

  • Scott

    Looks like a bad porn set

  • ANON

    CT your thinking of his house he owned in Connecticut that is now owned by fitty

  • agiyohhe

    it’s tasteful, that’s what I like about it. Understated, but refined.

  • impriss00

    lmao…… at Scott , who says looks like a bad PORN set
    i totally agree that is some outlandish carpet .

  • Jcmodjkl

    7zJ2h6 comment2 ,

  • Bang

    So what, did someone break in and take pictures?

  • xclusive02

    That could be turned around quick into a sic pad.

  • ooo

    Look so 80’s.

  • why?

    why dont any bums live there i wonder..

    • ron

      bums dont live in the place becaz its in the middle of no where!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • asdf

    I believe i saw an episode of cribs a long time ago and the water is suppose to green, he said it makes it more calming and natural

    • ron

      no this is a nother house

  • RO

    No wonder it has sat unsold. Ugly as Sh%t. Who the hell would want that dump?

    • Evin

      RO you are a fucking hater and all the others who talk bad about Tyson, I bet all of you all lifes are shit so go take care of you all self before you all can eat on my boy Tyson.

      • TIM

        English…learn it..love it…spell it.

  • jia

    Wish I could buy it. Could be a fabulous house. Needs updating but thaat's how houses were decorated back the. That is not the house 50 cent purchased from him.

  • ron

    u retards should see this noww !!

  • morula cry

    pls just live mike alone, y dont u talk about ur place, mybe u stay in a shack who knows, mike he dont worry about that house but u, look after ur house or ur shack.

    • Jawbone

      Shut your fucking cock holster until you can learn to type a coherent sentence. Public school failed you, the two years you attended.

  • morula cry

    mike is my hero, mike he have money like dast, that is y he dont care, i wanna go to stay there, myb u will stop talking about it, mike is my brother,

    • Jawbone

      Mike obviously is who you modeled your speech patterns after. Your brother the convicted rapist is really worth looking up to. Karma got his ass.

  • mike ohan

    shame one of the Greatest fighters of all time. seen Mike fight at freeport hall Dorchester back in 1982 as a amatuer. we all new then he was gonna have a GREAT Career. Shame…. peaceout

  • John

    The power is back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    im buying the mansion for 1 million dollars

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