Insects under the microscope (13 photos)

a insects under the microscope 0 Insects under the microscope (13 photos)

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  • Anonymous

    Great !!!!!!

  • CABBAC74

    AAAAHHHH Giant Bugs – kill ’em, kill ’em all!!

  • popatlal

    bullshit. all 3d work.

  • AnnoyingPedant

    @popatlal: They will have been falsely coloured, but all electron microscopy is; it's not a form of imaging that allows for the capture of colour.

    Also, pedantic I know, but 1(/14) & 7 aren't insects!

  • Abdelkarem

    Understand you want to increase your rhaserdeip/lookership(?), but this is a bitch..Stop being one How about . doing both, put them up here as well as facelessfacebook..?

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