Claudia Schiffer still has the goods (20 photos)

a claudia schiffer hot 12 Claudia Schiffer still has the goods (20 photos)

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  • someone

    how about some sources ?!

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Claudia Schiffer in April 2008 issue of GQ
    Photographer: Ellen von Unwerth

  • SreyaNotfilc


  • Mumu

    u heard about photoshop, right?

  • forge

    No Mumu, that really was an actual photoshoot in GQ magazine. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one lucky m*thaf*cka.

    Schiffer, she just has everything in exactly the right place, terrific figure, gorgeous hair, to say nothing of the fact she looks like Brigitte Bardot the Second. But it’s that adorable bite that completes the image; she’s got the prettiest front teeth of anyone in modeling I swear.

  • cookieclown2000

    joseph gordon levitt looks hot

  • Alp

    thats an interesting combination

  • Jonathan

    Hrmph. All this time I thought "the goods" was a kickass body. Now, I find out it just means "overloaded eye makeup". Whoodathunkit?

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • Jefffro

    She's still beautiful!!! And Joseph Gordon Levitt is the hardest working dude in Hollywood! That guy must come with the caterer or something. He's in EVERYTHING!!!

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