The only thing hotter than Facebook girls, Brazilian Facebook girls (37 Photos)

brazilian facebook girl The only thing hotter than Facebook girls, Brazilian Facebook girls (37 Photos)

*All images sent by users, not taken directly from Facebook

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  • aman

    i love all of them



  • Carlos MV

    oh.. my.. god

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  • ok

    how do i friend them?!

  • ok


  • cock in their mouth


  • mnj

    brazil. ola. omg.

  • dato lgk

    yummy look like girl in langkawi malaysia. same same.

  • senait

    i like to get one of them

  • Tizcareño

    No mamen!!!!!!!! ke buenas viejas, yo si voy a brasil!!!!

  • I'd lyk 2 hook up 1 of em.pliiiiiiz....

    I wnt 2 get one of them

  • denafrica

    this is very state!!viva il brazil sieti belli tutti veramente

  • Anonymous

    ulalal :]

  • the fresh prince

    what is there email addresses they. i want to one to be my girlfriend.

  • hi

    the one in the orange bikini top is standing by the water jet i think 😛

  • shameem reza

    these girls are teaching me what is freedom. thanx girls for showing

  • robin yates

    oooh lalalalala!

  • Bill

    Definitely some hot chics but being the father of a girl I can tell you right now that some of them are way younger than 18.

  • kyng

    a lot of them are ugly. you guys have bad eyes

  • نصيحه للشباب

    واي عيب لتشوفون البنات في اكوابارك يهبلون عشان جذي يروحون البويات هناك

  • top dog

    One word, HUNGRY!!!!!!!

  • Dave

    That’s it, I’m moving to Brazil. The one in the pink and I are getting married.

  • emeric

    Damm i miss summer but i got the hottest GF she’s a natural sexy bitch and she is mine ….. nice boobs, ghetto bootie and lips OMG those lips know how to please me !!!!!

    dont stop beiing perverts….. ya hear !!!!1

  • Ron

    I wonder how many of those Brazilian girls are there after being abducted by the Brazilian judicial system. If it happened to Sean Goldman so easily… we KNOW it’s happened thousands of times before! Shame on Brazil… an embarrassment to all of Latin America!

    • Dave

      Hey ron, brazil isnt in Latin America haha

      • Nick

        Dickhead,of course Brazil is in america latina !

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