World’s most unconventional guns (27 photos)

a guns weapons weird 25 Worlds most unconventional guns (27 photos)

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  • Alex.O_O

    Most of those dont lok so bad

  • wananan

    should rename this to terribad photoshop work

  • Anonymous

    ^^^you’re an idiot

  • Charlie Foxtrot

    I don’t know why the Makarov is on there. That’s a pretty common handgun, especially in the Eastern Bloc countries

  • Mike

    Agree on the Macarov, and would add that the 2 Thompson pistols are very common too.

  • SJ

    The first one is the PSE TAC15, its a crossbow. You can get the crossbow as a stand alone or you can get that one [in the pic] which is designed to replace the upper receiver of your AR, so you still have the same trigger and stock feel to it.

  • nick

    does anyone know the name of that bulletproof plate on the m4?

  • brandon

    the 18th one was actually used in ww1 so soldiers wouldn’t have to stick their heads out of the trenches to aim that’s why it has a mirrors where the gun angles so they could still aim down the sights

  • jaybald1

    Number 8 , the lever action with the tactical rail fore end is an ugly piece of ordnance ! Some one must like it though, as I read where as a company (Mossberg I think) is going into production to make a lever action rifle with the rail fore ends. You can purchase it in any color you like, as long as it is black. For what purpose, I will never know.
    Number 25 is Thompson Center Encore pistols with some type of custom upper placed on them. T/C makes excellent rifles and I own a 22-250 that is a tack driver! I don't know much about their pistols, but I would like to have a go with these two in the pic!
    I am wondering about the sniper using his German shepherd as a spotter. How do you think they communicate?
    Shooter: What does the wind look like?
    Spotter: Growl growl, bark bark.
    Shooter: Nah. It couldn't be more than a half value….
    Also, I wonder if he slobbers on the equipment?

  • Bill

    Where could you buy the cross-bow


    While #2 has a lot of nice detail on it what doesn't change is the effective range of 1911.

    Just because you're unique doesn't make you useful.

  • 11AHunter

    Most of these aren't unconventional.

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