US Soldiers in Afghanistan’s Opium fields (12 photos)

a us soldiers afganistans opium fields 7 US Soldiers in Afghanistans Opium fields (12 photos)

Through extortion and taxation, the Taliban are believed to reap as much as $300 million a year from Afghanistan’s opium trade, which now makes up 90 percent of the world’s total. That is enough, the Americans say, to sustain all of the Taliban’s military operations in southern Afghanistan for an entire year. [SOURCE]

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  • robin yates

    why not pay the poppy growers to not grow the poppy ?,,,,,,be much cheaper than a big american/uk and other armies,,,,,,,,,,,,ooooopppppps, silly me,,,,,,,,,,,no big drug profits for the real criminals,,,,,,, fatcats wearing suits and living a clean looking life in america, europe,,,,,,uk,,,,,,,,, much better to be at “war” and the heroine still getting through

  • Earl Hemingway

    Those are Marines, with the exception of one photo.

  • jamen

    earl, i believe the title says “us soldiers”. but youre right, there is an army soldier in there.

    the war on drugs is funded by corporations that actually make drugs. go figure, the ones we trust to keep us safe are funding a war against the ones that enlighten us, give us pleasure, helps cope with pain brought on by occular infections/disfunctions; working with the government i cant really say too much in favor of this topic, but i can say i dont see any reason why certain drugs are illegal.

    watch penn and tellers show ‘Bullshit’. explains alot.

  • thedude

    don't insult us Marines with the title of "soldiers"

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