You're an idiot. Part 3 (26 photos)

a youre an idiot 7 You're an idiot. Part 3 (26 photos)

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  • You`re an idiot | Törnebohms Hotspot

    […] The Chive har en serie med bilder som heter You`re an idiot och nu visar man upp del tre i serien, bilderna handlar helt enkelt om folk som gör idiotiska saker, ja ett o annat djur finns med också. […]

  • Peter

    OMG! That picture of the two cars wedged in the toll booth…I SAW that LIVE. It occurred on I-190 in Buffalo about 7 years ago…those tolls have since been taken out. I was driving to work, and went through the tolls. The funniest part of it was (and you can see it in the picture) the two people were stuck in their cars because they were jammed in so tight. I just imagined them rolling down their there windows and yelling at eachother, then having to sit their fuming for 3 hours while someone figured out how to get them out!

    Love the web-site, but this is the best, I’ve told it too people a few times…now I have pictures

  • TM22

    Lmao @ at the unborn baby health newspaper. Irony to the max.

  • sm0ked0ut

    how is the elder chief with the camera in his hand considered a dumb person doing a stupid thing???

    • NOUU

      because youre a fag.

  • Работата с идиоти може да те убие. – julian k.

    […] сериозен докато я писах, за да добавя някой трагично смешен […]

  • roberto

    the grizzly man: Timothy Treadwell, bad luck man

  • Rich

    It was poor taste putting Timothy Treadwell on there.

    • 'berto

      Why? He died because he did something extremely stupid. Unfortunately, he took someone else with him, as well. May as well have been a fucking drunk driver, as far as I'm concerned. Fuck him and everyone that looks like him.

  • John

    crap that donkey basketball thing was at my school!…which come to think of it is actually kind of embarrassing

  • Suerbcreade-tool

    l?se hele blog, pretty good

  • at work

    lol at the tollbooth pic

  • turtle

    i dont know if u go to my old school but they did that one year when i was there at my school. you from black river?

  • vern k

    i think treadwell was an idiot! That was his choice, but I feel bad that he got his girlfriend killed also.

    • Matt

      Very true.

  • Anonymous

    No it wasn’t, I saw the documentary about him, he was a world class fuckwit.. (Not saying he deserved to die but he did need a good smack in the mouth)

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