Wasted /ˈwāstəd/
Adjective: 1) Something that has been squandered or underutilized, such as wasted potential.
2) A thing that has been destroyed or decimated. “That tornado wasted that building over there.”
3) The condition where a person gets so drunk that they are unable to speak, walk, or even stay conscious. “She got so wasted, she slept in the dog’s bed.”

If you’re looking for memes of funny drunk people, you have come to the right place. We have a robust collection of funny drunk pictures of drunk people and even that drunk girl every club or bar tends to have on the weekend.


We know you shouldn’t laugh at the drunk girl who lost her shoe in the toilet and is wearing her bra as a hat, but it is just too hilarious to ignore. All of us have that one friend who gets trashed every time you go out, and most of you have funny drunk pictures as evidence. This page is a collection of drunk people images and more.


For example, there are those funny drunk people who are still stuck in college mode at age 40. Their team makes the NCAA tournament as a high seed and then proceeds to lose in the first round. This is enough reason to get wasted for some.


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