Idiot /ˈidēət/
Noun: 1) A person possessing low intelligence.
2) A person who does something incredibly stupid or dangerous, regardless of intelligence level.
3) People who think Star Wars is better than Star Trek.
4) The average teenager that believes that Johnny Knoxville is cool.
5) The average impression that a father has about his daughter’s boyfriend or husband.

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Drunk guy tries, and fails, to catch a baseball thrown to kid… *slow clap* (Video)


Stupid people videos exist for one reason. People commit epic fails on a daily basis, and often their antics are too hilarious to pass up. Why do you think that shows like America's Funnies Videos or World's Dumbest are so popular? People love watching idiot videos and stupid people failing.


So, what can you expect on this page? Use your imagination. We have plenty of idiot fails where people try and replicate stunts or perform tricks only to become meme fodder. Then you have idiot pictures of drunk people who are so wasted that the only way they remember what happened is when someone shows them their idiot images. 

Do you have some idiot pictures or stupid people videos we’ve missed? You know what to do. Send them to us! We find most idiot pictures funny, and if we think our followers will like them, we'll include them in a future post.


Make sure you send our posts about stupid people to your friends, family, and co-workers. Odds are they can relate. Also, be sure to add this page to your bookmarks and come back regularly as we put up new content daily.