Spiders eating things they reeeeely shouldn't (12 Photos)

spider lead smiley Spiders eating things they reeeeely shouldn't (12 Photos)

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This will haunt me for a while. I can’t even sit on the couch now.

  • Anonymous

    I need to buy a shotgun,
    and I need to know where spider #1 is so that I don’t ever, ever go within a 100 miles of it

  • Lagas5

    HOLY SHIT! This WILL totaly haunt me for like a month or two…..

  • Anonymous

    Bad photoshop work

  • Tyron

    Guys be cool. Spider #1 is 2 cm long (without legs).

  • Ryan

    Most of these are from Queensland, Australia

  • Tyron

    Yes, its Nephila edulis.

  • http://nrkp3.no/bareare/edderkopp-noia/ Bare Are - NRK P3 » Edderkopp-noia!

    […] noe glad i. Og her i norge jaffal er det ikke sånn at edderkopper spiser anna enn insekter. Men! Her er det en serie bilder av edderkopper som spiser ting de strengt tatt ikke skulle være i stand til […]

  • omnomnomnom

    that is alesome

  • ScaredLikeShets

    Holy wooow. man ive tried keeping my distance from the smallest spiders but now…now man, omg, simply OMG, i mean thers always a spider nest under my bed or something, last time there was a spider behind my desktop, under it, i put my feet on the thing under the desktop and when i tried to plug in something i saw a huge(not very big but…) spider. Man, i wonder if there is some place on this planet without any insects…

    chicken9001@hotmail.com if you know some place where there are no insects what so ever ( no prisons )

  • Nicci

    Many of these spiders live here in my hometown of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia. They look more scary than they really are. Orbs, the spider featured vs. the bird, are pretty nonthreatening but have huuuge webs that tiny birds can sometimes get stuck in. The spiders free the birds before they destroy too much of the web, they don’t eat them.

  • jason

    dude those spider pics are good in their own way but i really really hate spiders

  • jennyV

    umm…is anybody else feelin somethin crawlin up their leg? gah im not evn that scared of spiders but seriously…..this is jus plain horrifying

  • abilities651

    holy chive!!

  • Anna

    Q_Q this scares the shit out of me….god….nightmares

  • Dash

    One of the contributors at Cracked once called spiders “chronic terror overachievers”. I think that’s an apt description.

  • Geekoid

    Om nom nom nom nom

  • Shmoopy

    i hate spiders, now i hate them even more. i used to burn little ones. does this mean a humongous creature will hunt me? ZOMG!

  • Annieflies

    You are never more than 5 feet away from a spider, EVER.

  • BigfnMike

    Shit’s weak. Shit’s wizzeak… gullible ass niccaz

  • ...rofl...

    holy shit those spiders where big (first couple pics)

  • Anon

    Recently discovered my 'power animal' (remember the penguin in Fight Club?) is the spider, whch is very appropriate, considering my creative proclicities, and extremely venomous personality.
    Not to mention, I'm a huge Spidey fan…

  • David

    yes Hawaii 🙂 no spiders no snakes

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