The funny side of floods (32 photos)

a funny flood gallery 29 The funny side of floods (32 photos)

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  • Aderevit

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  • impriss00

    the flood photos were a lil depressing…….
    nothing to LoL about
    Keep up tha Good work @ CHIVE

  • Anonymous

    some of those photos are taken in jakarta, indonesia
    jakarta is famous for it’s annual flood

  • robin yates

    ” rain, rain, go away,,,,,,come again another day “

  • ssj6akshat

    The Photos with children jumping reminds of floods in my there hasn’t been any rain for 2 years.

  • anymouse

    lol, people drown in floods, lol.

  • nice photos



    It was very depressing moment

  • fun

    Should, perhaps, have the title changed to "Resourceful people caught in floods". Agree that the photos are not particularly funny…but still an interesting site.

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