Inbred car spoilers (12 photos)

a stupid car spoilers 2 Inbred car spoilers (12 photos)

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  • matt

    the subi is a legit spoiler that comes on the car with the added slots in the spoiler

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  • Quintin03

    That’s not the stock spoiler you know. This one has a couple of vertical plains added but what does it matter, it actualy looks better.

  • h

    I think this article should have a spoiler warning.

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  • steknolojib
  • zer8er

    hahahahaha at least u know people out there have a sense of humour aye hahaha

  • Spoilers Wings

    Article was well written. Great post! Photos are very interesting.

  • Katrina

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  • srsly

    I always lol when I see rear spoilers on front wheel drives. They must not understand physics. Having said that I beleive the wood ones belong in the "there i fixed it" category

  • Spoilers Wings

    Wow! Thanks for posting this photos of cars with different spoilers. Keep on posting and keep up the good work!

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