A peek inside Hitler's private home (12 photos)

a hitler private home 0 A peek inside Hitler's private home (12 photos)

Source: Life.com

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  • hitler was gay

    hitler sucked

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  • r rtjsetj

    that operating room is pretty goddamn creepy.

  • kill it

    with fire

  • Bard

    Is that a Gyno-chair? And that’s some pretty fruity wallpaper in the pool room.

  • Carlos MV

    im glad he’s dead

  • Kitsune

    While the world is better off without him, it’s sad to say he had an amazing sense for beauty. His home is beautiful and all the art, amazing! So easy to see that had he gotten into that damn art school, he wouldn’t have started the freaking Holocaust. Everyone can blame the French for this one, they’re the ones that pissed him off by turning him down, dammit.

    Obviously I’m not talking about his torture chambers and gyno chairs when I say beautiful, fyi.

  • TF-FAN

    This is freaky. . . man he was seriously f-ed up to say the least.

  • Charlie Brown

    There are not pics of his private home, but of mixed location (the Reich Chancellery for example). These are probably the photos of Hugo Jaeger, recently published by Life.

    • Matt

      I’m not convinced this is his home. i didn’t see one swastika or picture of himself on the wall…
      I thought his place would be littered with these symbols and pictures/

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  • Karl Kuhn

    Großartige, interessante und einzigartige Fotos aus einer außergewöhnlichen Zeit !
    Besonders erwähnenswert sind die schönen, innenarchitektonischen Bilddokumente.
    Beindruckende Aufnahmen von Damals….

    Viele Grüße

    Karl Kuhn

  • F-u

    See? The bad guys always get the coolest stuff. I'mma be evil when I grow up.

    • bumble

      no. i dont think you'll ever grow up

  • https://www.facebook.com/murtadha.mustafa1 Murtadha Mustafa

    well he became too isolated from his people. distatership is not good at all.

    Hitler has good taste his girl friend was beautiful and his house chik. i like the pool wall paper.
    the Lounge & office pretty too.

    Its all now histroy. let us never SAY yes to dictaters, like SADAM & STUPID GEORGE W. BUSH & HIS GANG.

  • blah

    no duh sherlock

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