CLOUD: The floating sofa by designer D.K. Wei (3 photos)

a cloud floating sofa 2 CLOUD: The floating sofa by designer D.K. Wei (3 photos)

cloud floating sofa 0 CLOUD: The floating sofa by designer D.K. Wei (3 photos)
cloud floating sofa 1 CLOUD: The floating sofa by designer D.K. Wei (3 photos)
Meet the Cloud – a magnetic floating sofa. I want one.

Cloud is a sofa concept designed for ultra comfort and relaxation by D.K. Wei. The soft floating upper part is supported by the magnetic force generated by the bottom base resisting the magnet in the sofa. 3 things came to mind when I first saw photos of the Cloud:
1. I want one.
2. I will pay extra for the girl.
3. Will sexy time on the Cloud admit me to the Mile High Club?

I cannot find where to purchase this masterpiece, so if you know where we can find it, please email me at thechiverules[at]gmail[dot]com.

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  • yayavagu

    I’ts Great.


  • Filth

    Though many heavy objects can be suspended in a magnetic field. We do not have the technology to control the levitation, the distance and weight, as the picture suggest.

  • Inulin

    I sadly not to Filth.

    With the system depicted, you would have to keep it centered right on the magnet or it will simply fall off the side of the field and dump you on the floor. That means no sideways forces or practical usage. Especially no sexy time or you will break her neck and your junk.

  • Haley

    This looks awesome! But besides the need to be directly over the magnet, you would need to be careful of what would be attracted to that magnet. A magnet that large and powerful to float a couch and a human above it would probably be pretty dangerous to just have lying around you living room!
    But I wish!!!!!

  • slappy

    This would be bad ass but you guys said it… you can’t make something remain still and float over a magnet like that.

    Anyone over the age of 10 has probably tried to make a small magnet float over another one and either had it get shot off to the side or flip upside down and snap together with the other one(quite forcefully). A pair of magnets powerful enough to suspend ~150kg would cause some splattery gore for sure.

  • wiiwwi

    u need something way much more powerful than Mag field to do that…..

  • so

    there is a floating be already….. and its held on place with ropes…. you cant see the ropes here but it has 4 and thats how its held in place

  • Markkens

    And you come home to the dog doing a ping-pong by the collar as he tries to get out from between the magnets. Or nailed to the strongest field.

    Don’t lie down with flash media around, too. I vote Chia Pet idea on this sofa, regretfully.

  • Reiska

    This sofa is not real, just a concept. Here´s the designer´s site:

  • Reiska

    This sofa is not real. It´s just a plan, a concept.

  • HermesAthena


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