• omnomnomnom

    but why

  • Alex.O_O

    Im just omg they gonna kill the pig…. by the end omg they wasted all that beer/rum/vodka whatever it is LOL

  • SreyaNotfilc

    This is one of the most capricious set of pictures that I’ve even seen. It was adorable, concerning, horrifying, and puzzling. It was also extremely hilarious!

  • One Sick Puppy!

    mmmm….tastey bacon falling from the sky.

  • ...rofl...

    At first i was like f*cking Russians, Then at the end i was rofl!

  • Sayulita

    Its the day before cooking of the whole roast suckling pig recipe russian style

  • Driving Tips Blog » Blog Archive » The Meats Are Alright: Links And A Call For Your Vote

    […] Enjoy some photographic stills of a pig getting shot out of a cannon. The Chive. […]

  • IrkTheJerk

    Science… that's all

  • russkid

    This is actually from an awesome mockumentary called “First on the Moon”, about a Soviet moon-landing in 1938!

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