These buildings are freakin' me out, man (16 Photos)

strangest buildings lead These buildings are freakin' me out, man (16 Photos)

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  • df09gds

    dudes, you really gotta stop reposting the same pics,maaaaaan

  • robin yates

    nothing wrong with an imagination,,so much better than rows of all the same houses

  • marta

    the first is from poland, from polish sea side

  • Maddie

    hay that 2nd to last upside down building is wonder works. its like 5 minutes from my house in Tennessee! i see it all the time, yet i cant help but stare at it.

  • Anonymous

    one of thems off the london eye

  • OneClownShoe

    I have lived in every one of these buildings at one time…in fact, I built ’em all too. Yeah, that’s the ticket! 🙂

  • Yetti

    #5 is the Kansas City Public Library

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