Welcome to the Maldives (15 Photos)

maldives lead photo Welcome to the Maldives (15 Photos)

  • Dorito

    my brother in law just went there diving and said it was incredible !!!!!!

  • robin yates

    not for me thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,too many millionaires,,,,,,,,,,,too many coconut palms

  • Gogo

    and too may topless maldivian girls 😀

  • abbott

    fucking never gonna make it there. fuck

  • miaoww

    Im FROM there!!! yay me.
    …and this is only for those lucky few who do NOT live in the congested capital =_+

  • digitsis

    Looks like heaven but I have heard it is also ridiculously expensive. Bummer

  • omnomnomnom


  • Gold

    Actually, it’s not that expensive at all. Also check out Cayo Espanto. Both are superb destinations.

  • CunningLinguist

    pffft…… id rather go to wisconsin.

  • majixcal

    I'm also from Maldives….u could spend $1000 per night…and if you have the right contacts u might just get a good offer bringing it down to even a $100…. 😉

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