Horton 229: Hitler’s Nazi Stealth Jet was too little too late (28 photos)

a nazi stealth bomber jet1 11 Horton 229: Hitlers Nazi Stealth Jet was too little too late (28 photos)

Northrop Grumman replicated the famous Ho 229 in El Segunda, CA using the same blueprints, glue and paint the Nazi’s used in 1945. Learn more HERE.

  • Anonymous

    Now I’m not in support of the Third Reich and any of it’s policies, you have to admit that this is cool.

    • Der Strohman

      Besides the Sturm Schtaffel (Waffen SS) Germans kinda gave up fighting for the “größter Feldherr aller Zeiten” (greatest commander of all times in sarcastic sense) at the turning point. They just wanted their country to survive the red tide as to not turn into a steaming hole in the ground.

  • Anonymous

    It´s like a metal slug ship

  • robin yates

    German high tec,,,,,,,, many years ahead of its time,,,,,,,,,,incredible,,,,,awesome

  • googo

    I agree, it’s awesome !

  • Marco

    SWOTL anyone?

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  • i am me

    you have to admit its scary how close hitler came to winning

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    아마 독일이 승전 혹은 휴전을 했으면 지금쯤 이상한 비행기가 많이 날라다니고 있지 않았을까 하는 생각. 결국 어부지리로 미국만 득템한듯….

  • cromptonmo

    extinctions yahoo 2000 contends thus suggests

  • mr187

    lucky this did not get into mass production or this wouldve changed the game we'd all be eating sour kraut today!

    • Nick

      I like sauerkraut 🙂
      But I like jews too :I

  • mr187

    i was in oki japan at the airforce base in 1986 and was in total aw over the b-2 bomber at that time and to this day had no idea that this was a german ripoff, and so are most of our rocket technology …. i guess some advantages to war is that you get rip ur enemies off and kidnapp there scientists and take full credit for great inventions abroad lol!

  • MST4K

    This wasn't a stealth plane, it was just a blended wing design. An incredible leap forward in the evolution of aircraft yes, but not a stealth plane.

  • Speeder

    MST4K, it WAS a world's first stealth plane. Due to it's blended wing design witout tail wing it was almost invisible to radar. It was actually a surprise for Horton brothers. After noticing Horton's 229 stealth capalibities they developed them even futher.

    • jeremy

      This was absolutley not a stealth aircraft it had no carbon fiber in it it was made from fiberglass and wood if you watched the documentary on this plane you would know that when it was tested it lit up like a Christmas tree. Do you see those 2 big engines on either side of the cockpit those alone make this plane light up on radar.

  • Speeder

    Robin Yates, Not just years. Generations ahead.

  • Hans

    Yes, another magnificent GERMAN design copied by the USA.

    Germany gets a bumm rap, Uncle Adolf was just trying to clean up the world of all its geneic refuse

    • jais live

      Thats why he had to kill himself after his fantasy ended. May Hitler burn in hell forever

  • dave

    did they fly it? Way cool.

  • Superfly

    yea i think Nazi germany was the advanced generation due to there ability to make technology way above there generation if they were still around today would be great to see what type of jets bombers and missles they would have created today

  • Graeme


    There was a program on in the UK just the other day about the Horton 229.

    The did fly the first one created, but it had engine trouble and crashed. The pictures on this site are the second one which was never completed, due to the end of the War.

  • bongboy

    Now we know what Hitler’s wonder weapon was. If this is what they had in the 40’s, Oh we gots some badass shit now.

  • Rick

    German technology by the end of the war was staggeringly advanced, including the near-functional Ho-229, jet fighters, and the trans-Atlantic Amerika bomber. If Hitler hadn't made the stunningly bad decision to invade the Soviet Union, all of those squandered resources would have been put into R&D for this stuff, and it's anyone's guess how the war would've turned out.
    The Ho-229 had a carbon coating that made it very much an early stealth plane. There is speculation that the 9 objects that Kenneth Arnold saw in 1947, which started the whole modern "flying saucer" craze, were actually Hoo-229s developed by the US using the German plans and prototype. Arnold's original description of the objects fits the 229 perfectly.

    • jeremy

      Again no carbon coating was ever used on this plane. Not a stealth plane at all.

  • Always Last


  • Freeman

    Or are you?

  • motou

    Speak English!!

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