Banksy: The world's greatest street artist (30 photos)

a banksys street art 17 Banksy: The world's greatest street artist (30 photos)

Check out more of Banksy’s work HERE. And if you are in Bristol now up till Aug 31st make sure to stop and check out his FREE exhibit.


  • digitsis

    Bansky has an interesting perspective on ordinary things. Makes them extraordinary with just a few tweaks. Very talented.

  • Von Strangeduck


  • latallal

    loved the angel with the can over his head.

  • omnomnomnom


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  • Matt

    I was in London in 2007 and his stencil stuff was everywhere, brilliance!!

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  • junephilippines

    its for humor kind of exhibit

  • sam

    banksy is a sell out how can u call sumthing in a museum street art !???
    and he was influenced by a french artist called blake le rat who in my opinion is the true king of street art becos guess what hes still in the street !!!!

    • Trynadad

      He upgraded, Sam. And if Museums closed down, he'd still kick it on the street cause being an artist isn't about where your work is. Its about expression, and touching peoples lives.

    • paul

      It was for the people of Bristol, his home town. It was completely free, but made tons of donations for a relatively small museum. He dropped off a huge box of merchandise at the oxfam charity shop across the road, for free. That was the only place you could buy official merchandise.

      Remind me again how he's a sellout?

  • Trynadad


  • b-b-b-bryan


  • Not Sure

    So boring.

  • Lucas

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