Bullets hitting all sortsa' stuff (10 Photos)

alan sailer pics Bullets hitting all sortsa' stuff (10 Photos)

Most of the photos herein are from the amazing Alan Sailer. Visit his site for his all-new collection.

Other credits: Harold Edgerton, 2dayblog, telegraph.uk

  • Bevin

    i love this kinds of photos

  • LOL

    I wonder what kind of bullet he is using…and if he reloads his own. Also, what kind of camera. Just dang cool pics. 😉

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  • justin m

    love da chive!

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  • Reversedfate

    why the hell NEO is here? Bullets didn’t hit him…

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  • Tony

    its a .22 cal bullet not reloadable. The shot through the gelatin is a pellet.

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