From moth to butterfly (15 photos)

a changes ugly duckling 7 From moth to butterfly (15 photos)

  • xclusive02

    pretty good side by side pictures

  • Jon

    ………well……………the last one is pretty………

  • LOL

    Um…ya mean caterpillar to butterfly? I admit though, some of these women do look like they changed species…LOL

  • Justin

    number five made me throw up. LOOKS LIKE A MAN IN THE AFTER!

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  • Anna

    Yay for make-up! 😀

  • Maladjusted

    #10, the Goth girl was MUCH hotter in Pic #1…

  • HellHathNoFury

    Right side: what you went home with
    Left side: what you woke up with

  • Diamonds

    Good one, HellHathNoFury.

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  • Ryan

    From innocence to whoredom.

  • Douglas

    The moral of this story…. if you want to be beautiful, bleach your hair, get a boob job, and wear makeup.

  • Always Last


  • DatWop32

    #15 is the only one

  • mikeraw


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