Daily Afternoon Randomness 7.17.09 (20 Photos)

chive dog lead Daily Afternoon Randomness 7.17.09 (20 Photos)

  • robin yates

    the ” bricks ” pic is soooooo funny

  • Anonymous

    Hm… The smell of chlorine must be wonderful in a bedroom.

  • digitsis

    so how does she get the dog out of the water? Just reels him in? Dumb

  • robin yates

    it is a harbour digitis,,,,,,,,, always a boat ramp somewhere close

  • Equalizer

    That first picture is not a DOG. It’s a BEAVER. LOL

  • digitsis

    Now I feel dumb Robin 😀

  • http://vulpes-aurum.deviantart.com/ Dank Afro Nugs Grape

    Hey guys, did you know that Tiger Woods is good at golf? I had never heard of that before.

  • ROR


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