• DavidT

    Definitely Hot……but THE hottest….probably not.

  • Champ

    Not even close.

  • Anonymous

    Cute, but not the hottest. Check out my facebook.

  • xclusive02

    Cute, but I have seen better. I have hotter on my facebook and myspace. That’s a fact!

    • Zach D

      who still uses myspace? get with the times bro. lol

  • me

    Anybody else catch the irony that the person posting as “Anonymous” wants us to check out their facebook page?

  • Jono

    She is hot………But I have to agree, there are probably hotter! Sorry!

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  • Jon

    hahahahahhaaaaaaaa ewwwwwwwwww. i mean whatev not ugly, but still “anonymous check out soooomeone’s facebook page/” there’s nothing more disgusting than a conceded idiot. really though. like i said. not that cute, even objectively speaking, assuming this bitch didn’t submit herself. which she did. hahahahaaaaa terrible post

  • kev

    She seems to think so at least,

  • robin yates

    beauty is in the eye of the beholder I believe

  • Bill

    Definitely hot despite what the above pole smokin prison queens above posted, holy hell you guys are some serious man ass pirates.

  • Anonymous

    not even close

  • Mellissa

    Uh yeah, “anonymous”, sorry don’t believe it.
    If anything, she submitted these herself.

    Now as to judge the photos, she’s pretty but definetly not the “hottest” but she obviously seems to think so. You can tell by the looks she gives at the camera.

    Seriously, this page space could have been used for the Owned photos or Random photos instead of just some girl who thinks she’s hot.

  • victor

    girls, if you want to win this competition you need a) more skin b) more beer c) more skin d) more hot girlfriends feeling your boobs.

  • MikeK

    #4 Legs. Wow.

  • Paul

    So where did the pictures go?

  • Rudeboi

    Certainly not the hottest…hot, no doubt, but far from the best

    • Tera.kgomotso

      Stil waitin 4 a comment

  • Tera

    Lookin 4 a hot chick hav any ideas

  • fiqry




  • Chris

    Might be a little easier to check your Facebook if you left a link….

  • Bill

    Oh please, all the pics on your FB and myspace are guys.

  • ski-man69

    Yeah, this girl is good looking there but can she fix a tire or change the oil in her car? My hot girl can and I just sent in her pictures. Not only is she hot but shes freaking nice! She’s the type of girl that doesn’t shy away from the homeless and gives themoney if they ask. She said its a sin to deny a hungry person food. So yeah good lucks, nice, and can fix a cracked manifold? My girl Kari is DEFINITELY the hottest girl.

  • anonymous

    its blog,blog,blog.what about a good old telcall?

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