The babes of Comic-con 2009 (22 Photos)

lead comic con The babes of Comic con 2009 (22 Photos)

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  • SreyaNotfilc

    Pikachu girl is sooo cute!

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  • Th30d0r4

    Pikachu girl = MINE

  • abilities651


  • mouse

    what shitty cosplayers
    some of them are hot, not all

  • Equalizer

    I wanna take a picture with supergirl and wonderwoman….

  • Draco

    How do we get you to add more? I’s got some from that weekend. Including Cammy with Cammy-toe, Mind-Flex hotness, and better ones of the brunette with G4 (Photo 6)

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  • Kevin

    I think that the ghostbusters girl on the left is Trisha Hershberger from SourceFed… Awesome.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    That’s a good question. There should be an option for memebers to add photos. Or atleast have a member’s section where we can add more at the end as an additional gallery.

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