Daily Afternoon Randomness 8.12.09 (20 Photos)

summer lead photo Daily Afternoon Randomness 8.12.09 (20 Photos)

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  • ahha

    What is the point of the last one? Am I missing something?

    Love the “ANTS” one

    • Waxball

      This aggression will not stand, man

  • more original


  • xclusive02

    this is an ok posting.

  • Equalizer

    Santa, I want that BIG FOOT car for Christmas!

  • Digitsis

    I like that swimming polar bear. He can probably smell that tasty kid right through the water and glass

  • SreyaNotfilc

    The girl in the red (1st pic) is pretty hot. At least from that view. From the looks of it, the ones looking at her seem either envious or surprised by her attire.

  • Dave

    6th photo down:
    What is the gender of the hippo on the left? It's a Pat-type from Saturday Night Live.

  • Motis

    Like the picture of the water spout, awesome!!!

  • lil slugger

    is it just me or did the dude hint at 9-11 with the date of his check? Conspiracy ho!

  • Jonathan Passow

    The thing goes that The Dude (this is from the movie The Big Lebowski) made the check on on September 11th and right before he wrote that, it showed a TV set the cashier was watching that had Bush talking about needing a new world order. Etc etc etc.

    Also, the bottle of Colon Cleaner hot sauce is pritty good if you like mustard. It’s a mustard based sauce with Habaneros, around a medium heat.

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