The greatest parents in all the land (16 Photos)

parenting funny people The greatest parents in all the land (16 Photos)

  • comscience

    Just plain sick and if you liked these your probably sick in the head yourself…or american.

  • notsokewl

    and everyone created an uproar wen micheal dangled his kid out a balcony for a sec, WTF!! where are the paparrazi when you need em lol

  • steven miles

    So what's the problem? The first kid becomes a zoologist then learns to shoot idiots with cameras taking picture of babies. Next he takes the hatchet and cuts down the scary clown later surviving two forms of cancer only to star in three Hollywood movies. Escapes from a car trunk and uses two fat people as airbags in what would've been fatal. Plus a MC D's Commercial with MC milkshake. Nails his first hot date on a scooter, catches a world series bat. Mary's the girl in the trash can and teaches 20 minute hanging ab crunch workout.

  • memyselfandi

    I don't see what's wrong with the guy teaching his daughter how to shoot…

    Lots of bleeding hearts on here?

  • claudson

    there are some "game" which are just not to be done those parent dont really care

  • L.A.c

    I really hope that all of these pictures are cropped but I know in this world that it totally unlikely, people thing that child abuse is that you have to physically harm the child but that is not true, these picture are child abuse.. Shame on these parents they should be locked up..

  • carry underwood

    wow the nerve of some people doing that to there children they should be ……..ed

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Try clicking on the comment link and then scrolling up. That usually helps.

  • hanna

    thank you, now it works. unusually sweet tip to be found in the comment section! .)

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