Taking the tramp stamp to new highs…or lows (18 Photos)

tramp stamp lead1 Taking the tramp stamp to new highs...or lows (18 Photos)

  • Digitsis

    Ladies (I use the term loosely) those are not attractive and most of you will come to regret them (some of you will never be that clever) . The biggest trend is womens tattoos? Having them removed.

  • Equalizer

    Anyway, I like that “Insert Coins in Slot”. At least she admits she’s a S#%&…

    • http://asshole.com ASShole

      that is a dude back.

  • LOL

    I agree Dig. Nothing like advertising "HEY I'm a ho!" Yeah some can be sexy, but a bad tattoo is still a bad tattoo. I guess if it makes them happy…

    btw, WTF is up with putting President Reagan's name anywhere on her body? That's just stupid.

    • obama

      Regan is the man, that was the best one!!!

      everyday that I stay as president of the USA, you will miss him more. I am an idiot, and the worst pres ever…..

      • Jrod


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  • xclusive02

    A bible verse? On the small of your back for a guy to shoot one on? Wow. That one just amazes me.

    The bikini tattoo is pretty funny, but true, true, they will get old quick.

  • HellHathNoFury

    okay, wtf is with the cheap, stupid-ass women? i’m shocked to have not seen one yet that just says ‘STD’s *arrow to ass* or ‘turn over when done’ or the home address with ‘if found in husband’s bed, please return to..’

  • HellHathNoFury

    hehe ‘if found, please return to nearest welfare office’

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  • doodahdoodoo

    yeah, at least the duck hunt one is clever (though undoubtedly regretful).

    wtf is with the one beneath that? EMS made someone they loved into a vegetable on 3/14/2005?

    that’s the best i can guess… iono.

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  • peaceman

    that duck hunt one is fucken retarded and ronald reagon was a fucken douchebag that butterfly/two chicks suckin dick is pretty cool but most these chicks look fucken disgusting makes me wanna vomit…stupid sluts

    • obama

      You are a douchebag sir,
      you are just upset because someone dropped a house on your mother!

  • John

    So, so, last week and lows class.

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  • Louise

    wait…so having a tattoo on the small of your back, no matter what it is, makes you a slut in the US? I’ve never heard of such a weird rule in my life. what about the one that has ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ ? that’s clearly not there to advertise how “up for it” she is. It’s just another empty space of the body that’s a good size for a tattoo. I think it should only be called trampy if it’s one like that disgusting butterfly / women licking a dick one. Apart from that..

  • nouu

    all these nasty bitches have muffin top and no ass…that shit is nasty.

  • leigh

    hey, i accidentally got a tramp stamp as a teenager when i was drunk… i'm reasonably attractive and have a nice ass lol. thinking of having it removed but it's pretty expensive

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