African pets by Pieter Hugo (17 photos)

african pets hyena pieter h African pets by Pieter Hugo (17 photos)
Check out more of Pieter’s eye-opening photograhy at his website HERE

  • ugh

    People that defend these animals are ignorant. honestly the people holding the chains are about one level above the animals, im not intending to be racist at all but 100 percent of the people in this forum could probably get those locals on a chain themselves.(I would say the same thing if those locals were white so dont bitch and say im racist.)

  • Kjh


  • firsttimechiver

    some of these pictures made me sad specially the last one.

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  • jansher

    upload fucking videos plz

  • Anonymous


  • Mr. Quackers

    Well they’re making progress, how the hell do you think “domesticated” pets become domesticated? By keeping them as pets for 100’s of years and breading them and keeping the puppies in your house.

  • hjgl


  • Meatsack

    Like some one said earlier, all domesticated animals were once wild and we’ve beaten and bred them into captivity until they no longer have their natural, wild instincts. Having a hyena or a pit bull is for the same thing its for showing off initially and then people will then grow to love their animals. People are constantly domesticating animals and have been for thousands of years and will continue to do so. Now do something for animal kind and set your cat or dog free!

  • None

    Yeah man!!! Put these people in chains because of what you THINK they are doing behind closed doors!!! ABUSE HUMANS BECAUSE U MAKE UP THINGS AND ATTRIBUTE IT TO THEM!!! HOW DARES THESE MOTHERFUCKERS DO THE THINGS YOU IMPLY THEY DO!!!

    Re-evaluate your life, asshole.

  • None

    I was unaware that humans had to run shit by you first.

  • Nv_Me

    Hey Maaannnnn, didn’t you see the word UNFORTUNATELY, Maaannnn…..What a fuck’in doche!! OK, Maaannnnn, I’ll re-evaluate….Bring Back the 8-Track Maaannnn!!!

  • Pete

    They also stated in that same maixm article that the reason these animals were able to be kept as pets or what ever the hell they want to call them is because they are druged to prevent them from being aggresive.

  • Mr. Quackers

    True that, my bad.

  • Anonymous

    sorry hun, but we aren’t any more evolved than bears or tigers. Nothing is more “evolved” as you say it is. evolution is not a race, and everything on this planet has evolved at similar rates etc. etc. we just happen to have evolved along different lines than other animals. Who are you to condemn another cultures way of life? maybe they find it abhorrent that you go and stuff your face full of cheese burgers and french fries, or that you keep dogs and cats as pets.

    oh and whoever mentioned releasing your domesticated pets, bad idea. really bad idea.

    and Mary, no one said those were gorillas, the said it would be impressive if they had chained one, maybe you should properly read before you open your mouth.

  • insertnamehere

    haha well played good sir

  • insertnamehere

    youre a dumbass, things can be more evolved. for examples we are more evolved than monkey

  • insertnamehere

    the last picture is hilarious what are u talking about

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