African pets by Pieter Hugo (17 photos)

african pets hyena pieter h African pets by Pieter Hugo (17 photos)
Check out more of Pieter’s eye-opening photograhy at his website HERE

  • Digitsis

    Great photographs. From the subjects to the lighting. Fabulous.

  • dr

    Having a Hyena as a pet just seems like a bad idea…and not because of their never-ending yapping.

  • Chinopese

    aweful, really. Only domesticated animals should be pets, and even then there are few people that really know how to take good care for their animals

  • hellooo

    This post makes me feel really uncomfortable.
    It’s just so sad to see monkeys tied up with chains and hyenas with leads on them.

  • Equalizer

    That’s animal cruelty… WWF should know about these (I was thinking about Wrestling not the Panda logo)….

  • Who Cares?

    There is a very well written article about these people (with these exact pictures) in Maxim Magazine July 2006 Volume 10 Issue # 7 Number 103. It has Jessica Simpson on the cover. (I figured that’s how most of you would remember it, if at all) But, it had an interesting article including information about how these wandering tribesmen sell talisman’s that are supposed to ward off these creatures. And the fact that the Hyena’s have occasionally been known to eat the entire head off of any child dumb enough to invite it into his tent for “playtime.”

  • Nv_Me

    Unfortunately, they probably Kick the Shit out of the Animals behind closed doors…..They are the ones that should be on a fuck’in lease!

    • yeye

      you racist fuck

  • robin yates

    I recently visited a zoo here in the Philippines, (Avilon Zoo ),they have a hyena there. I only then realised what a big animal the Spotted Hyena is,,,,, makes a pit bull terrier seem small

  • aldeshsa

    Now, if they could get a Silver Back on a chain, that would be impressive.

  • Loretta

    What is wrong with some of you people? Putting any kind of leash (or chain) on a wild animal is abhorrent. We have already domesticated enough animals. A Silver Back on a chain impressive? What an incredibly sad state of mind. These images show an incredible lack of ignorance and man’s need to dominate every living creature on this planet. There’s nothing impressive about it. It’s animal cruelty plain and simple and only highlights our total lack of respect for other living creatures.

  • Loretta

    I was unaware it was mankind’s right to domesticate all living creatures.

  • NumerousGouls

    If humans hadn’t domesticated animals then we wouldn’t have advanced nearly as far as we have. Before you complain about this stuff, I’d like to see you live caveman-style for a while.

  • Loretta

    I agree. We have animal domestication to thank for many things. But as evolved creatures ourselves we have a responsibility for the future of all living things on this planet. Domestication serves us well… but we can’t always just think about our own needs. In this day and age domesticating a new species like a hyena or silver back isn’t going to help us plough fields or carry loads any better than we already do. When we domesticate we inevitably exploit. As humans we seem to think it’s our right to do this. Animal welfare organisations work hard to keep our exploitation in check.

    • @shrineshrine

      "In this day and age domesticating a new species like a hyena or silver back isn't going to help us plough fields or carry loads any better than we already do. When we domesticate we inevitably exploit."

  • Jordo

    You ass holes are bitch’en about how mean it is to domesticate animals while your fat fuck’en ass chows down on a fuck’en hamburger! We are the top of the food chain, if tigers, bears, or big foot was on the top they / it would munch your ass and not give a fuck. It’s easy for your to have your point of view with your plush american life. Try living like they do, like animals. Got to toca bell and quit your bitch’en.

    • yeye


  • Loretta

    I’m not American and some of us (albeit some) are smarter than bears and tigers. The fact that you believe in big foot implies to me you haven’t evolved much more than bears and tigers anyway.

  • Mary

    What is wrong with these people!? These animals are meant to be free not kept on a chain. This really needs to be illegal.

  • Mary

    Well you know what those aren’t silverbacks people they are baboons. Maybe the people here need to do some research before commenting.

  • omnomnomnom

    fuckin hardcore

  • doodahdoodoo

    this thread and the comments in it are harshing my buzz, bro. :-/

    now i just want another beer and for everything and everyone everywhere to be dead. 😦

  • loretta

    I sincerely hope ‘some’ of us are more intelligent than bears and tigers. We have evolved with bigger brains than earlier man therefore we have a higher intelligence (hopefully) than our predecessors and other living creatures. We know right from wrong. We have a conscience. Some of us choose to excercise responsibilty with that conscience.

  • hi

    I’am feel very sad about the last picture.

  • Bill

    I like the hyena. Gotta get me one. That would be TITS to have a hyena for a pet. They look bad ass.

  • ...rofl...

    monkeys like “bitch im driving!”

  • bowhuntpa

    you sit behind your computer and say that should be illegal. HILARIOUS! look where these guys are at do you think anything is illegal there?? this guy probably watched half his family get ate by hyenas

  • bd19

    wtf you cant judge these people for doing that we do the same fucking thing with dogs and cats, they were once wild animals as well you hypocrites:P

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