Bar Refaeli just drove Hurley’s stock through the roof (10 photos)

a bar refaeli hurley 4 Bar Refaeli just drove Hurleys stock through the roof (10 photos)

  • hrrrr

    GO ISRAEL!!!!

  • SreyaNotfilc

    First and last picture are the best photos of anything I’ve (or anybody else have) ever seen in the entire existence of the universe!

    • habsfanx

      i did its called porn XXX …. plus my girl is one canada’s hottest one ever !!!!!!! beside nelly fertado and Elisha C. now chive ON!!!!!!!!

  • Equalizer

    My ex

  • dickshit mcfuckertwa

    She would be hotter if she was in the oven where she belongs.

    • Pit_Boss

      That is the most fucked up comment I have ever seen regardless if you meant it is a joke. Go take that fucking shit to some lovable white supremacist board you Hitler lover.

  • blueberryvoodoo


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  • e

    dickshit mcfuckertwat, go fuck your sister.

  • Barred up!

    She was going out with DiCaprio wasn’t she?!? Leo, you fool! Why’d you let that go!?!

  • jaWo

    Minor point, but Hurley is owned by Nike, so they technically have no stock that can soar. Although I suppose this isn’t really the place to discuss the financials of it all.

  • MikeC

    Leo let her go because he already had his way with her … he has the luxury of moving on to the next beautiful gal. Classic “buy low, sell high” scenario.

  • Gill Bates

    That’s not the only thing she drove through the roof!!

  • wha d fuh

    I thought it was the fat dude from “Lost”.

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  • Bar Refaeli Continues To Be Amazing

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  • sam

    proud of israel 🙂 viva israel.

  • go go bar

    come and suck my balls you dick
    i wish someone kill your mother will is let her suck to big niger

  • fuckyounatzi

    its ovious your brain was ibn the oven you fuckin` lifeless natzi!

  • joeav

    you mother fucking natzi
    go suck some balls u piece of slime

  • Anonymous


  • aaron carlin

    Renee Rettick is HOTT Hurly girly huh.

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