Guns put to good use (30 photos)

ak47 gun sculpture art 14 Guns put to good use (30 photos)

After the 1998 war ended in Cambodia, the country’s government worked with officials from the European Union to destroy 125,000 weapons. A group called Draft, founded in 2003 by two Brits, got their hands on thousands of these weapons and started Peace Art Project Cambodia (PAPC) to turn these arms into art. The resulting sculptures feature AK barrels and handles, among other gun parts, and they are currently sold through The Art House gallery in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Prices start at around $600 for a basic Christmas tree shape and run over $10,000 for more complex works.

  • Equalizer

    Nice art works, I like the bike gun…

  • peaceman

    how much for a table that shit is sweet

  • s3xt0y

    those are awesome.

  • BillyBob

    Seems like a terrible waste to me, but whatever.

  • LOL

    Freakin’ awesome!

  • Xzibit

    yo’ i heard you like guns so we put a gun in your chair so you can like shoot while you sit

  • hippyhunter

    What a waste of good firearms

  • Anonymous

    […] […]

  • jake

    Re: those who said this was a waste of good firearms, did you read the description at the start?

  • mav

    Read the description, still a waste, there are many less valuable and less useful materials to make furniture etc. out of.

  • Joe

    I want some of those barstools lol. The first glass table was pretty bad ass too.

  • Nephilim4421

    Should have made furniture out of the bastards that perpetuated the crimes, not the guns. Its that kind of mindset that will vilify matches and ignore the arsonist.

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  • Scott

    While I am a long-time gun owner, who appreciates the design and beauty of firearms, and I am by no means looking to rid the world of private firearm ownership; I am also a hobbyist gunsmith and a designer and an artist. I want to say, from both points of view, these are very compelling works.

    These are all old guns, and pretty-much all ex-soviet pattern rifles which we can largely assume are beat-up pretty well. It's a bit selfish to say they should have, instead, been sent to the use as parts-kits or sold off to arm other conflicts. The soviet union has certainly sent out plenty of rifles around the world, so a few thousand recycled for use as art is no 'crime against humanity' nor is it a waste of 'precious resources' by any stretch when we've got enough rifles in the US-alone to arm pretty-much everyone.

    The concept of 'putting guns to better use' certainly seems to stem from an 'anti-gun' viewpoint but the message is not altogether one we must decry as 'anti'.

    The only argument I can really make against this is that impoverished people who can't afford quality weapons were denied cheap surplus in the area, but I don't think that the situation over there is much affected; those who want/need guns will still have sources that meet their needs.

    All-in-all, at least they weren't simply burned, melted down, or cast into the ocean… in fact i'd love to have some of this stuff in my own home at some point, it's not all kitschy crap, the coffee table is well designed, and I'd love that green easy chair.

  • nesha darlie white

    i like that motherfuckinq bike gun live in da bitch

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