• Equalizer

    I bet they smell good too…

  • Jonathan Passow

    Wait for it……
    They can handle my balls anytime….

  • Bill the welder

    Eh, only one was cute, the rest were just average.

  • One Sick Puppy



    i love that balls…

  • me

    “smoking” might be a bit generous for some of these girls.

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    […] An investigative piece on the Hugo Boss tennis ball girls/women [The Chive] […]

  • bobby


  • DaddyD

    Maybe the FIFA World Cup could get people to watch if they had ball girls like this …

  • johndory

    i don't know why but i find running shoes on some nice legs super hot! i.e. #3

  • thechive.com

    Smokin hugo boss ball girls 31 photos.. Bang-up:)

  • Always Last


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