Just a short list of people I want to punch in the face (15 Photos)

people punch lead Just a short list of people I want to punch in the face (15 Photos)

  • Why?

    Why!!!! do these douchebags have such hot girls hanging off them?!? I punched the screen a few times too!!

  • Pooper

    What about Spencer Pratt?

  • doodahdoodoo

    i think that we, as a society, need to agree that guidos in tanning beds and/or tanning lotions etc. are the new equivalent of blackface (i.e. #2).

    i can’t tell if they’re going to go up to the bar to order 4 mike’s hards and 2 rooffies, or if they are child versions of those 2 guys in that movie “sniper.” diaf.

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  • D

    Fuck punching in the face; I say choke them all to death……

  • cnut

    douchebags get the hot girls because thats the way that evolution works.. the dickheads get all the girls whilst the obsolete nerds such as all u lot complain about it in ur blogs lol. but either way sum of those people do look completely retarded.. but then agen if any of u lot were to punch them in the face you wud find out that internet rage is not a subsitute for real life fighting power and u wud get the beating of ur lives hahaha

  • al

    hey man, u got something against closet homosexuals?

  • blahblah

    i dont even know who any of those people are other than Larry the Cable guy. but damn those are some HORRIBLE tans. if you’re pale as shit, don’t even step foot in a tanning salon. matter of fact, stay out of the fucking sun. god damn douche bags.

  • Anonymous

    how totally and unbelievably gay
    @cnut – you are a load your mother should have swallowed. douchebag sympathizer!

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  • Joe

    You reek of douche and spray tan..come clean cnut, which one of these is you?

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